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Order your copy here.  Includes journal pages, photographs, and more.  Book ships July 15 2010



Eric Nelson Reading Tour

April 30: Mr. Beller's Neighborhood reading series Happy Ending bar Friday night 8pm 302 Broome Street
May 1 Philadelphia, PA with the Broadset Collective and Mike Lala @ Wooden Shoe Books
May 9: Baltimore, MD with Gus Iversen, Andria Alefhi, Cassie J. Sneider and Mike Lala @ Cyclops Comics
May 15: Richmond, VA with TBD @ Chop Suey Books
May 21: Brooklyn, NY with TBD @ Storefront Gallery


Pictures from the Pretty Pretty Bang Bang Party

The Glorious Emily Poole just uploaded new images to our Event Photo section.  Please check them out.



Blue Michael Cosmetics & Knickerbocker Circus Publishing are proud to present:

Be there to celebrate the launch party for our two new NYC companies.

Hosted by: Dina Marie Delicous and Andrea Dobis
DJs: Michael T. and T-Boy
Raffle at door for fabulous prizes!!!!!

at: Beauty Bar
231 east 14 str.


Blood and Pudding


Katelan V. Foisy's Blood and Pudding is in the midst of finishing touches and print reviews.  Stay tuned for info or read her intriguing blog about the book.  Katelan's blog

OUT APRIL  2010 

BLOOD AND PUDDING is a memoir by Katelan V. Foisy.   

BLOOD AND PUDDING "Our friendship is obsessive and addictive. I need Holly like I need chocolate pudding. I’m obsessed with the closeness. I have never had a friendship this intense, where creativity just flows between us. She asked me not to forget about her. How could I? Blood is thicker than pudding any day."

Blood and Pudding is a story of two psychoneurotic teenage cousins and their troubled relationship. Holly was manic-depressive, hauntingly beautiful, and addicted to heroin. Kat was a young “soon to be” bride and pill junky. They documented their lives furiously and lived recklessly. They had one mission: To live as much as they could in the shortest amount of time. With a double snort of crushed Xanax the journey began.
Blood and Pudding is a scrapbook of two girls dealing with depression, high school, drug addiction, first loves, and untimely death.

Knickerbocker Circus Publishing

Pub Date: July 2010

Price: TBA

ISBN: 978-1-61539-160-8

Katelan Foisy is a visual artist who specializes in collage and acrylic mixed media paintings.  Katelan studied illustration at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn NY and started her career in the communication arts shortly after graduating in 2001.  Her fine art pieces have been displayed at The Worcester Art Museum, Ohio History Museum, Mae West Fest, MODA, Museum of Contemporary Art DC, as well as the A&D gallery in London.

Katelan's ruminative mixed media collages often evoke a gamut of emotion through the rich layers and textural combinations.  She is known to use herself as well as her friends in her pieces manipulating faces and bodies to create new characters.  This eventually lead her to create the They Be We self-portrait project.  Her illustration clients have included, The Grammy Awards, Out magazine, The Progressive and many others.  Her collaged portraits and  mixed-media paintings have graced the pages of Scholastic Books and the walls of Young & Rubicam. Ensemble Studio Theater even had her work grace their stage.  She is the art-director for Constellation Magazine.

A natural empath and medium, Katelan created her own form of energy healing based on Native American techniques and applied them into her everyday practices as an artist, healer, and reader. She has been trained in traditional reiki and practiced both techniques as well as tarot at one of the largest Botanica’s in America before starting her own practice 5 years ago. She holds public cleansing circles in her home whenever possible.  Katelan comes from a long line of herbalists, mystics, and healers.  She is currently studying Afro-Cuban traditions under her Godfather Ochani Lele and is a confirmed child of Eleggua.  In her spare time she blogs, models, and tends to her garden.  She currently resides in NYC.

Artist Statement:

As a teenager my cousin and I took road trips with no destinations.  We wound up at truck stops, coffee shops, graveyards, and the occasional prison.  During these trips I learned the art of collage, picking up whatever scraps I could find, and pasting them into my journals.

When I moved to NY I became intrigued with the Beat poets and the erotic literature of Anais Nin.  These rich scripts and gritty streets provided me with the palate and textures that would become my art. But beneath the grit there was something pure. I adored wandering the blocks, ducking into churches to get one brief glance at the art painted across ceilings and in windows.  This gave me somewhat of a virgin/whore complex.  Later Dali and Kahlo became my artists of choice, and as I integrated into the city I became addicted to the street art displayed across the buildings.

The streets continue to provide me with visual stimulation and as time progresses so does my work.  I’m interested in the layers beneath the city, the underground worlds, the pulse, and the beat.  I still take trips with no destinations, picking up pieces of memorabilia and pasting them into my art. And I’m still pretty sure somewhere along the journey there’s that pesky complex waiting latently in the underlying layers.  


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