Blood & Pudding Release Party

Described as "Sid and Nancy meets On the Road " Katelan V. Foisy's memoir, Blood & Pudding takes you into a world of obsessive compulsive relationships, drug addiction, first loves, and untimely death.  Written in scrapbook form it contains transcribed road trip tapes, journal entries, letters, and stories of two psychonuerotic cousins looking to live as hard and fast as they can in the shortest amount of time.

KATELAN V. FOISY is a visual artist, writer, pinup model, and tarot reader based out of New York.  Her illustration has graced the pages of the Grammy Awards Programs, and her fine art has been exhibited at the Worcester Art Museum, Ohio History Museum, MODA, and the Museum of Contemporary Art DC, as well as various other galleries worldwide. She currently art directs and writes interviews for Constellation Magazine, creates spoken word with ABEARICA, and just released her first memoir Blood and Pudding.  When not creating she can be found reading tarot at various locations in NYC.  She is known as La Gitana.  

JOHN S. HALL is the co-founder of King Missile (Dog Fly Religion), King Missile, and King Missile III. As lyricist and vocalist for these groups, John has recorded three albums for Atlantic and several albums for independent labels.  He has performed his work all over the U.S. and Europe, appeared on the The United States of Poetry (PBS), and HBO's Def Poetry Jam, and was part of MTV's "Spoken Word Unplugged" tour.  A collection of his work, Jesus Was Way Cool, was published by Soft Skull Press, which also published his most recent work, Daily Negations (2007), a self-help parody.

MIKE LALA owes his heritage to punk rock, Bob Dylan, The Velvet Underground, and the American West.  He grew up the son of a USAF fighter pilot, born in Lubbock, Texas and moving to Alaska, New Mexico, Arizona, Florida, Colorado, Japan, Oklahoma, Virginia, Michigan, and New York City.  He is currently assembling his first collection of poems and lives in Brooklyn with his cat and drinking problem.

ERIC NELSON is an emerging writer originally from New Jersey, the son of a nurse and machinist. He has written for publications such as Constellation and Zine World and wrote the zine series “The Silk City Series,” which is now a book of short stories from Knickerbocker Circus Publishing. He is currently curating readings and is at work on his debut novel. He’s a combination of Black Flag and Raymond Carver. He can usually be found laughing loudly at something inappropriate. He lives in Queens and he loves it.

LENOX PARKER is a persecuted artist writing subversive material under an alias. Or she is a suburban mom with a draining day job working for the Man, writing cranky, multiple-narrative not-really-post-modern short stories and novels.

Blood & Pudding Has Shipped

The word is Blood and Pudding has shipped! You should be receiving your orders within the next couple of days. Below are a few images of what went into those pre-order packages.  I'm also enclosing a playlist of some of the music that we were listening to at the time the book was being lived and written. 

Create a playlist at




Lilith: Queen of the Desert by Anya Kless Now Available for Purchase

Lilith: Queen of the Desert

By Anya Kless

Now available for Purchase!

Goddess? Demon? First woman? Feminist icon? Who—or what—is Lilith? For centuries, She has haunted the edges of civilization. In the 21st century, She seems to be asserting Herself more adamantly than ever. Has She been calling you? For the first time, this volume combines historical, practical, and devotional material on Lilith. It gives an overview of Her presence in the writings, lore, and imaginations of a variety of cultures from ancient Sumerian to present day vampirism. It provides an introduction to forming a personal and working relationship with Lilith as a living and vibrant entity, including correspondences, lessons, offerings, and a basic ritual. Most importantly, it serves as the first collection of devotional writing for and about Lilith. Contributed by writers around the globe, these poems, prayers, and essays give insights into the mysteries of this elusive and often misunderstood figure by those who already know and love Her.

Anya Kless was recently interviewed by Galina Krasskova from Pantheon: The Pagan Blog of Patheos:

Below is an excerpt from that interview.

Galina: I know that you’re primarily owned by Odin and most Heathens hesitate to move outside of the Norse Pantheon. So why Lilith? What was it about this Goddess that demanded a devotional?
As I discuss in the book’s introduction, Lilith was the first deity who claimed me, long before I had an inkling of Odin’s role in my life.  Through Her, I learned what it meant to communicate with a deity (speaking and listening), to work for a deity, to place my life in the hands of a deity, and love a deity. Lilith also guided me through some of my own dark places, forcing me to own parts of myself I deemed unsavory and to shed others. To be blunt, She whipped me into shape. Without Her teaching, I honestly don’t know if I would have survived being claimed by Odin. I needed the strength, the skills, and the openness She cultivated within me as Her priestess. She paved the way for my relationship with Him, and She is still an important figure in my life and practice. I owe Her quite a lot, and the least I could do was complete this project for Her.

I think a lot of people like the neatness of having one, clear-cut pantheon from which to draw gods. This is how most modern pagans and pagan groups define their identities, whether it be Heathen, Kemetic, Celtic, etc.  A lot of people perceive the act of working with multiple pantheons as a type of dilettantism or cultural opportunism. This is always a risk–Gods aren’t just statues to be collected. One thing I’ve learned from this process, however, is that we do not claim our Gods–They claim us. My spiritual life probably would have been a lot more straightforward if I had been just Lilith’s, just Odin’s, or just Loki’s. For whatever reason, that’s not what They had in mind, and it’s not my place to question a logic greater than myself. I can say, however, that having all of Them woven into my life has brought it a richness and complexity I could not have anticipated.

I usually don’t associate with pantheon-specific groups, if only because the realities of who my deities are tend not to fit in their practices. Working primarily with Lilith, Odin, and Loki often places me at the edges or crossroads, which does have its advantages. I interact with many communities and have a different perspective on their relations. Being “homeless” in this way also brings me closer to the Misfit or Exile face my Gods often wear. To me, They are Gods of liminality. Even Odin, the Sacred King, is a wanderer. His insatiable desire for knowledge never allows permanent stasis.
For the complete interview please visit: Pantheon's Blog Page

Book is available for $15.00 through Lulu.

To read more about Anya Kless you can visit her blog at Fruit of Pain.


Upcoming Readings for KC's Eric Nelson

KC's Eric Nelson will be on tour. Below you will find dates for this summer 2010

May 30 (rescheduled) New York, NY

"Manhattan: Quiet, Open, Free." Times Square

with Jordan Michael, Jeffrey Salter and more

June 17, Brooklyn NY

Storefront Gallery in Brooklyn

June 21 New York, NY
7pm KGB Bar
with Veronica Liu, Andria Alefhi, Buzz Poole and more

85 East 4th Street
New York, NY 10003-8904

June 26 Philadelphia, PA

The A-Space Anarchist Community Space
4722 Baltimore Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19143

with Andria Alefhi, Gus Iversen, Veronica Liu, Cassie Sneider and more

July 17 Baltimore, MD

The Hexagon Space (Part of Artscape Festival)
with Numu Collective

1825 North Charles Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21201

August 6, Cambridge, MA

The Blue Art Gallery
106 Prospect Street, Cambridge, MA 02139

part of "The Dire" Reading Series

August 17, Berkeley, CA

Pegasus Books
2439 Shattuck Ave. Berkeley, CA!/event.php?eid=112252105489640

August 19 West Hollywood, CA
Book Soup
8818 Sunset Blvd.

W. Hollywood CA 90069


Upcoming KC Readings in London

If you are in Oxford on May 19th please say hello to Katelan Foisy and Year Zero member Dan Holloway.  They will be presenting a great event at Albion Beatnik Bookstore. Special thanks to The Project Room and OVADA.

On May 20th, The utterly awesome Year Zero Writers Collective and Knickerbocker Circus will be collaborating on an exciting event.  We have the  privilege of being hosted by one of London’s biggest literary nights, the Literature Lounge at the Poetry Cafe in Covent Garden, home of the National Poetry Society.  Please come say hello!

The event will be comprised of an interactive installation of vintage typewriters similar to the the KC event last summer, readings (see below), and an art exhibit by London based artist and Year Zero friend, Sarm. 


Daisy Anne Gree – Leviathan

Dan Holloway – Awake, Head

Penny Goring – Temporary Passport

Marc Nash – from A, B & E

Katelan V. Foisy - from Blood & Pudding

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