Gallery Shows!

Dr Beetle and I will be showing together again!  This time it’s at Gallery 5 in Virginia for the Carnival of 5 Fires curated by Elizabeth Bissette.  The show begins October 2nd and there will be a huge carnival on Halloween.   Elizabeth ( Lonesome Liz) will be presenting her contribution “Lonesome Liz’s Mojo Sideshow” at the event and will feature artists such as:

Dr. Beetle, Elizabeth Bissette, Charles Parker Boggs, Molly Crabapple, Katelan V. Foisy, Wes Freed, Christoph Mueller

and performances by:
J.B. Beverley (Murder Junkies/Hank III)
Ron Smith (Film-maker/Hellbilly cult figure)

You can become a presenter at this years Carnival of 5 Fires by clicking here

That right there is me with Dr. Beetle’s fine dolls.  Kathleen wasn’t joking when she said the detail on them was unreal.  They are gorgeous and filled with loving protective energy.  You can see them up close here.  They also inspired me to make cupcakes which is my absolute favorite baked good to make.

The other show October 3rd features my painting of Angela Christie!  I am happy to announce that I will be showing with the awesome Blood Dumpster Collective at Behr-Thyssen from 6-9p.m. This is in NYC so if you are around come check it out and say hello to me.


Inspired by DVS Detroit and Paul Thorson.  Thank you kindly for letting me use your images to create mine.




Interview #12: Blanca

What was your experience like with TBW?
I found it very inspiring that by joining forces we created such a gorgeous book in such a short amount of time. Katelan is amazingly creative and industrious… and quite an inspiring leader!

What was the inspiration for your images?
I’ve been carrying these images somewhere in my mind for a long time. I think all of us see ourselves a certain way when we close our eyes. These are three distinct sides of me that aren’t so obvious to the outside world.

What did you learn about yourself from the experience?
As I took the self portraits I found an empowering sense of artistic freedom. TBW also taught me a few things about myself, about where I am in life and about my presence. Unexpectedly, one of the images caused a stir between my sister and myself. I see this stir as the archetypal side of TBW: I created an image that came from deep inside my psyche and this image created an external situation that gave me an opportunity to heal something that needed to be healed.

Do you feel you are in the same state of mind as when you started?
I am surprised at how TBW empowered me. I am a bit of a perfectionist. Most things I produce take a long time to be planned and created. For this project things came together effortlessly and that was very rewarding and refreshing. It made me see that an artistic project doesn’t necessarily take months to be completed.

What advice would you give to those wanting to take their own portraits?
Think of it as documenting who you are right now. Today. In this moment of your life. You can always take more portraits later. Don’t miss the opportunity of capturing who you are today. Play with makeup. Play with clothes. Above all, have fun doing it.


1. Location: NYC, born in Mexico
2. Sun Sign: Aquarius
3. Virtue: Love
4. Vice: Obsession
5. Secret Self Esteem Booster: sexy dresses, meditation, yoga, dance
6. What Inspires You: beautiful art, passionate art, authenticity, nature

Playlist (give 5-10 songs on your ipod)

Hoppipolla by Sigur Ros
Save You by Jetsetter
Black by Pearl Jam
Semaname by Mercan Dede
Clouds by Doveman
Intervention by Arcade Fire
Family Tree by TV on the Radio
Stop the Dams by Gorillaz
Hindue Blues by Kevin Johansen and The Nada



Interview #11 Emmily Federer

What was your experience like with TBW?

outstanding. I feel lucky to even know about it, let alone be featured or a part of it at all.
What was the inspiration for your images?
actually my submissions to TBW were taken from a collection of self portraiture shots i had done over the year. So. i had and have changed alot even
now from those photos, so each picture is a reminder of things i want to hold dear to my memory as myself.

What did you learn about yourself from the experience?

That inspiration comes from all20perspectives of life. I love being “the mother” because during the time i shot all the self portrait photos that ended up being chosen, i had just become a mother. i think that TBW lets you into corners of human nature you either desire, are curious about understanding, or want to be up front in the brightest light imaginable. Its really a universal gift to the photography aspect and emotional aspect. I would reccomend being part of it, making your own, any part of it is amazing.

Do you feel you are in the same state of mind as when you started?
oh amazing changes have come into my life since. I at that time aspired to start a carreer in modeling and photography, and for a short time thought that because i had gotton pregnant so suprisingly, that alot of that stuff wouldnt ever happen.
ive since then accomplished alot of goals in modeling and paving my path to become a photographer, so i think that Katelan’s book aspired me to stop assuming the ideas in my heart and head were impossible, and, just, become it. do it.
So. maybe i am in the same state, of inspiration and love for what i want that is.
What advice would you give to those wanting to take their own portraits?

Dont think about it. Carry your camera with you everywhere. sniper shoot yourself when you think you are at your worst. often times you’ll be suprised how beautiful you are.
You’ll never know how you actually look through other peoples eyes, so sometimes you have to keep that in mind.


Location: Cheyenne, Wyoming
Sun Sign: Gemini
Virtue: I will do anything for you.Without ever asking for anything. ever.
Vice: I’m actually a very brash character that often pisses people off because its misleading. I look like a sympathiser who will tell you anything you want to hear, instead, i tell you whats logical, and honest.
Secret Self Esteem Booster: A new dress from the vintage store. A pair of Viynal heels, and my favorite song ive danced in the mirror to 100 times before.
What Inspires You: Outer Space

Playlist (give 5-10 songs on your ipod)
1./lullaby: the cure
2./Cleopatras cat: Spin Doctors
3./Suzie Q: CCR
4./What is Fight Club?:Dust Brothers
5./I would die for you:Prince
6./Victory Strikes Again: Andrew W.K.
7./Let her Cry: Hootie and the Blowfish
8./Patterns: Sky eats Airplane
9./Where do we go from here: Filter
10./King of the road: Dean Martin



Girl Gang takes to the streets

As seen on the streets



Call for Submissions: "Divisions"

Emmily Federer from "They Be We" is doing her own take on the project and just posted a "Call for Submissions" If you are interested please email her at the address provided below. Both men and women can submit to the project. Now go on and submit your fine life stories.

Do you have a group




you’re proud of?

One you slave away for every day?

One you hate, but have to have?

One you want everyone to see?

Step up and make yourself stand out,

Join the Division.

My personal and visual project is inspired by the incredible compilation, “They Be We”

Having an opportunity to give you a voice, a face, a story, is my passion.

I will be choosing 15 people to have their own spread in my book.

For this project I will be choosing five personal projects,

Personal interviews, and photo documentation.

The other ten will be your chance to tell me your story.

Become a part of my division.

Send an Email to

Or a personal message to my Facebook

If you're chosen I will then send you an email with your personal project and homework assignment for your placement in my book.

Groups I'm looking for my five Personal Interviews:


(Singers, solo and group)


(In any Medium)

Visual Artists

(Photographers, artists, fashion, etc)


(Grocery, Food Services in general, Blue Collar and White Collar)


(Drama/Theater acting, stand up,etc)

Local Gods (Party People)


(news, broadcasting,behind the camera, directing, etc)


The new wave of old school

Tattoo Artists

Fitness Gurus

Starving College Nut





And any other group you could suggest. I enjoy suggestions.

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