Chapbook: Selected poems by Mike Lala. 


Mike Lala's irresistible and sensuous poems of dancers, pilots, jazz, and lovers are as seductive as an evasive cat who, while moving oiled and effortlessly across the top of a couch, stares you down. There is both intellectual and spiritual control in this poet's invasive voice, his language equally bold and delicate, his timing impeccable. These poems will inhabit you long after you've put the book aside.

   Diane Wakoski

Michael Lala’s, Under the Westward Night, is a remarkable chapbook, at times stopping, time, with Basho strokes, at others, gesturing allusively, calling worlds back, through a montage of interior geographies, sunflower rooms, traveling regions of dark roads, under the influence, of planets, the dance of bodies and missed touch, accented always with a musician’s ear for sound and space, an artist’s eye for shadow and form and a poet’s willingness to sing and dance in the sweet becoming of loss, in the risk of giving ourselves away, to impulse, attraction, knowing the
music we hear, the bodies we hold, the longing we feel, will leave us, somehow, somehow, somehow, different, reshaped, transformed. This is a beautiful collection, read it and be reminded of what it is poetry does with us as we go about living as or among poets.

Gordon Henry

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Blood & Pudding

by Katelan Foisy

"Our friendship is obsessive and addictive. I need Holly like I need chocolate pudding. I’m obsessed with the closeness. I have never had a friendship this intense, where creativity just flows between us. She asked me not to forget about her. How could I? Blood is thicker than pudding any day."
Blood and Pudding is a story of two psychoneurotic teenage cousins and their troubled relationship. Holly was manic-depressive, hauntingly beautiful, and addicted to heroin. Kat was a young soon-to-be bride and pill junky. They documented their lives furiously and lived recklessly. They had one mission: To live as much as they could in the shortest amount of time. With a double snort of crushed Xanax the journey began.

"Blood and Pudding is a celebration of life and all that means. It deals with tragedy and fragility, using little more than the words of Katelan and her teenage best friend Holly, which Katelan obsessively recorded on their adventures. One of THE great accounts of teenage life. Best release of 2010 so far."

-Dan Holloway Eight Cuts

Blood and Pudding is a scrapbook of two girls dealing with depression, high school, drug addiction, first loves, and untimely death.

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Blood & Pudding


Lilith: Queen of the Desert

by Anya Kless

Goddess? Demon? First woman? Feminist icon? Who—or what—is Lilith? For centuries, She has haunted the edges of civilization. In the 21st century, She seems to be asserting Herself more adamantly than ever. Has She been calling you? For the first time, this volume combines historical, practical, and devotional material on Lilith. It gives an overview of Her presence in the writings, lore, and imaginations of a variety of cultures from ancient Sumerian to present day vampirism. It provides an introduction to forming a personal and working relationship with Lilith as a living and vibrant entity, including correspondences, lessons, offerings, and a basic ritual. Most importantly, it serves as the first collection of devotional writing for and about Lilith. Contributed by writers around the globe, these poems, prayers, and essays give insights into the mysteries of this elusive and often misunderstood figure by those who already know and love Her.

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The Silk City Series

by Eric Nelson

THE SILK CITY SERIES pulls readers into the everyday lives of working-class residents of Paterson, New Jersey. Originally published serially in Nelson’s acclaimed zine—Silk City Series—this collection presents a diverse cross-section of characters based on the author’s own childhood neighbors. The stories capture a post-industrial city in a state usually not known for its beauty. In the heart of a city, where wealth lies in the surrounding suburbs, neighbors live on top of each other. Families struggle to stick together. Most find solace in each other. And the city, a character in itself, changes all who reside in its boundaries.

"These stories are interesting and they carve out a working class identity specific to the East Coast. I think the presentation is very beautiful and put together with an eye for the antique, forgotten, miserable and deranged....[It] has a sort of soft focus on reality, muttering through events by telling honestly but leaving details to be surmised."
-Maximum Rock N Roll Magazine


Silk City Series



They Be We

Compiled by Katelan Foisy

Fifteen women. Three portraits each. They Be We provides an intimate look at the lives of fifteeen different women. From mothers, to Voodoo Doctors, to those in the limelight, each woman has a story to tell.Some are sad, some are joyous, all are real. 

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