Through the medium of self-portrait photography, They Be We provides an intimate look at the lives of fifteen different women. From mothers, to Voodoo doctors, to those in the limelight, each woman has a tale to tell. And through our online presences, we invite YOU to submit your self-portraits and continue this collaborative story.

From the first moment book compiler Katelan V. Foisy thought of “They Be We," she wanted it to be public. She wanted other women to join and take part in this creative outlet. When the initial call for contributers was sent out, the response was overwhelming.

A lot of the women had never taken a self portrait before and were unsure of how they would come out. But every single one of them managed to capture something very special, and essential, about themselves.

“They Be We” allows women to express themselves in ways they may have never thought of. Everyone is an artist. You just have to tap into it.


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